New Design/Web Guru

We’ve just hooked up with freelance design and web specialist Adam Zalaznik, who is now integrating the “Gypsy Nights” release data into our website. He’s an experienced freelance designer, a rich fountain of creative ideas, and just a darned nice guy. Adam has other clients, and can be reached through his site:

Next Recording Project

Our absolute favorite folk release has always been Steve Spurgin’s “Distant Faces”. It features Steve’s fabulous songs, his great voice, and some killer good guest musicians – for example, Fred Carpenter (fiddle) and Joey Miskulin (accordion). Also included is Steve’s iconic song, “A Walk in the Irish Rain”. We now own the master recordings of that 1997 release, and will be offering a refreshed version of it in the near future.

Gypsy Nights

“Gypsy Nights”, an all instrumental collection of Dario Napoli-penned tunes will be officially released on October 1 2022. It features Dario Napoli Trio, consisting of Dario on lead guitar, Tommaso Papini on rhythm guitar, and Tonino De Sensi on bass guitar. We snuck in a bit of tasteful percussion from Geraldo De Oliveira as well. It’s meant to create a laid-back listening experience.

Maccaferri/Montelone Axe

In 1997-1998, former Selmer guitar designer Mario Maccaferri assisted noted archtop luthier John Monteleone in designing and constructing a Selmer-Style gypsy guitar to be John’s own. It was later played for a few years by Frank Vignola, then disappeared for several more years. That very same guitar is now the property of Blue Night Records. It’s the only guitar on which these two titans of guitar design worked together. Sadly, Mario is no longer with us; John is still going strong, and is very supportive of our featuring that very guitar in a future Dario Napoli Blue Night Records release. We’re working out the details now.

Music As Therapy

Blue Night President Steven Briggs recently had the pleasure of reviewing Rick Soshennsky’s book “The Music Therapy Studio: Empowering the Soul’s Truth” for (See the “PREZ SEZ” page of this site for more information about it.) Music does more than entertain. It’s been scientifically shown to change people, both physically and emotionally. Creating and playing music for other people is noble work, folks.

Worldwide Distribution

It’s no secret, dear listeners. Approximately 65% of all music enjoyed worldwide is streamed. With the diminishing demand for hard copy CDs these days, we’ve expanded our digital distribution system to include Europe, Africa, South America, Antarctica, Australia, Korea, China, Japan, and New Zealand. Giddyup.