Website Renovation

BNR incorporated in 1998, and we set up a website shortly thereafter.  Times and technology have changed since then.  Anyone with a website knows it needs to be spruced up occasionally.  We’ve done that several times, and are in the midst of doing it again.  We’ve gone “full frontal Italian” this time by engaging Sicily’s own Fausto Savatteri for his web design and development expertise.  Tune in soon and see how the site has morphed into the 21st Century.

New Dario Napoli Release

Guitar virtuoso Dario Napoli has recently joined the BNR roster.  His new release Bella Vita is just now weaving its way through our distribution system.  It’s all instrumental, and in addition to some classic jazz standards, Bella Vita features five of Dario’s original compositions.  Listen to the samples.  Close the curtains when you download and listen to the entire release, though — some of the tracks qualify as, well, let’s say, “mood music.”

Steve Spurgin Classic CD Returns

Twenty-five years ago Steve released “Distant Faces” on a now defunct record label.  It’s been out of legitimate circulation for years.  That release contains what might be considered some of his “super classic” originals, like “Muley was a Railroad Man”, “She Always Smelled Like Lilacs”, “Sidney”, “A Walk in the Irish Rain”, and “A Farmer’s Son.”  We’ve recently been authorized to bring that iconic recording back to life.  In a few months it will become available for public consumption again as Blue Night Records' next release (BNR-230).

Steve Spurgin’s Brand New Release

This one will feature Steve’s latest compositions, none of which have even hit the radio airwaves yet.  We anticipate ten original tracks, a few guest musicians, perhaps a few BGVs (background vocals), and some new glimpses into the edgy lyrics and melodies characteristic of Spurge’s unique perspective on many of the things the rest of us have always taken for granted or haven’t even thought of yet.  Stay tuned.